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NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo and Elf Comparison

(l-r) NARS, ELF
NARS Orgasm — a bright peachy pink with gold shimmer.  Orgasm is a beautiful color with amazing pigmentation, but the gold shimmer is just way too much for my taste. It highlights every pore and imperfection. I have never really liked blushes that had shimmer in them so I’m not quite sure why I thought I’d like this one. I can understand why many people love this blush, but it is definitely not for me.
NARS Laguna – A medium toned golden bronze with shimmer. I really enjoy the color of this bronzer, but again with the shimmer! I read quite a few reviews online that stated the shimmer was undetectable when applied to the face. Uhhhh… WRONG! It did blend nicely and I do think the color would look lovely on a variety of different skintones but the shimmer was a turn off for me.
Aside from the obvious packaging similarities, I don’t think these two are dupes at all. That’s not to say I don’t like the Elf Duo. The bronzer is much darker than the NARS version and more matte. It also has a ruddiness to it that I quite like. Bronzers that have a little red to them can be more natural looking on fair skin than ones with golden tones. It reminded me of a darker version of MAC’s Harmony. Because it is quite pigmented, I recommend using a light hand! The Elf blush is good, but nothing to write home about. It is a light pinky peach with shimmer. I don’t find the shimmer to be as overpowering as Orgasm and I think this blush is much easier to wear.
Overall the NARS duo just didn’t work for me… I think if it had Laguna and a matte blush I would have been more pleased with the purchase. Unfortunately I will be returning it tomorrow… I know it is taboo for a blogger to return an item after reviewing, but a few people left comments on my haul wanting to see a comparison so I really wanted to write it for you guys!


(l-r) NARS, ELF

(l-r) NARS, ELF

Have you tried Laguna, Orgasm, or the Elf Duo? Any matte NARS blushes you can recommend?


I was out and about this morning shopping for a swap that I’m doing and decided to buy myself a couple items as well… you know I couldn’t resist 🙂

NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo in Laguna/Orgasm — this baby has been on my wish list for over a year and I finally gave in! I think I’m the last girl on the planet to own Laguna and Orgasm!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow in 10 — I have been lusting after this product for quite some time. I’m very picky about my brows, so we’ll see how it goes.

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder — I purchased this to do a comparison with the NARS duo, keep an eye out for that review!

ELF Blush in Pink Passion — I’ve heard great things about ELF blushes and thought I would try one out. 

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara — I saw this mascara on YouTube not too long ago and wanted to give it a try!

Jordana Twist & Shine Moisturizing Balm Stain in Candied Coral — I’ve never tried the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stains because I felt like they were a bit over priced. When I saw this in Walgreens I thought I would give it a whirl; it was only $3!

Let me know if you’d like to see a review on anything that I hauled! I wish I could show you guys all the awesome stuff I got for my swap, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise 🙂

Done any hauls lately?

Much love,


TAG: How Much Does Your Face Cost?

I recently saw this tag and today I’m going to give it a go! I’ve been a bit apprehensive because to be honest, I’m quite scared… I don’t have a “go-to” makeup look that I wear everyday, so I’ve decided to base this post on my most worn day look — which I wore to the grocery store yesterday 🙂

THE RULES: Add up the total cost of all cosmetics used to complete a typical day look, excluding skincare and brushes!

Don’t judge me…

MAC Studio Fix Powder — $27
Benefit Hoola Bronzer — $28
MAC Melba Blush — $20
Hard Candy Tiki Highlighter — $6
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer — $18
MAC Studio Finish Concealer — $15
Dermablend Setting Powder — $24
Maybelline Brow Pencil — $4
MAC Omega Eyeshadow — $12
Anastasia Brow Wiz — $21
MAC Painterly Paint Pot — $15
MAC Blanc Type — $12
MAC Soft Brown — $12
MAC Swiss Chocolate — $12
MAC All That Glitters — $12
MAC Smolder Eye Kohl — $15
Almay Liquid Liner — $7
Loreal Voluminous Mascara — $6
MAC Shy Girl Lipstick — $15
MAC Subculture Lip Liner — $15
 GRAND TOTAL =  $296  (£190)  (EUR 222)

Although it may sound like a lot, most of the products I use last for a loooooong time. My philosophy is if I use up something quickly (i.e. mascara, liquid liner) then I go for the drugstore option. I can’t imagine buying a $30 mascara every month, no matter how great it is.

On a side note, all my pricing is based on how much each item costs here in the US. I converted my total to a couple different currencies, but I know that pricing is not the same across the world. I still can’t believe how much cosmetics cost in Australia and New Zealand… insanity!!!


How much does your face cost?



Mason’s First Birthday


Last Friday, August 8th was my little man’s birthday! We had a small party by the pool with friends, and he got more presents than he knows what to do with 🙂

Although it’s not really beauty related I couldn’t help but post these pictures. He had a great time… right until the very end — as you can see in the last picture. He was over it by that point, haha!

I hope you all are having a great week!

Talk to you again soon! 🙂




I know that it may seem like I am on a lipstick kick lately and that’s because I am! I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I feel like I should change my blog name to Lipstick Addicts Anonymous! 🙂

This post has been requested a couple times by my readers but I haven’t written it until today for a few reasons. First, I think it is hard to suggest 10 universal colors — so I geared this post for fair/light skin. Most of these lipsticks would look great on a variety of skin tones though! Secondly, I am very particular when it comes to my Top 10’s and I was never fully satisfied by my picks until today!

If I have done an individual review or lip swatch on a particular lipstick there will be a link below. I plan on reviewing all of them with lip swatches in the future, so keep an eye out for those! Oh, and I was pretty bad at photographing lip swatches back in the day, so no judgments… you live and learn 😉

(l-r) Hue, Shy Girl, Crème Cup, Fanfare, Viva Glam V


HUE (Glaze) — a sheer pinky nude that looks beautiful with a smokey eye. I think Hue works on just about anyone!

SHY GIRL (Cremesheen) —  a mostly opaque peachy nude that has become a new favorite of my mine! I typically can’t pull off lipsticks with much orange to them, but Shy Girl is the exception! Like Hue, this lipstick looks great on a variety of different skin tones.

CREME CUP (Cremesheen) — a semi opaque light slightly cool toned pink. Crème Cup looks great with a  smokey, neutral, or natural look! Definitely a must have!

FANFARE (Cremesheen) — a semi opaque warm midtone pink. This was suggested to me by one of my readers, and I have loved it since the day we met! Fanfare looks beautiful on very fair to very tan yellow toned skin. My current #1 favorite!

VIVA GLAM V (Lustre) — a sheer dusty, pearly, pink with a slight brown undertone. This is the perfect MLBB lipstick that is a “throw it on and go” kind of color. It goes with anything and is appropriate for any situation. Cult status for a reason!


(l-r) Lovelorn, Chatterbox, Craving, Impassioned, Ruby Woo

LOVELORN (Lustre) — a semi sheer cool mid-tone pink. Lovelorn was one of my first MAC lipsticks so it will always have a place in my heart. I feel like this one is a very basic color that would suit ladies with cool complexions best.

CHATTERBOX (Amplified) — a fully opaque quintessential pink — bright but not neon. If I want to be a little daring but I’m not in the mood to go for something way out there I always pick Chatterbox. It’s perfect!

CRAVING (Amplified) — a fully opaque plummy pink. Craving is gorgeous for Fall!

IMPASSIONED (Amplified) — a fully opaque, neon watermelon pink. This looks great with winged eye liner and is definitely a statement lippy. Impassioned is one of those colors that would look beautiful on ANY skin color!

RUBY WOO (Retro Matte) — a bright neutral red. Even though Ruby Woo is incredibly dry to apply, it is the most universally flattering, true red that I have found.

Well ladies… that’s it for my Top 10 MAC lipsticks! I hope you found this helpful 🙂

Would any of my picks make your list?

Much love,


MAC Angel vs Creme Cup — Lipstick Review and Swatches

Today’s post is a quick comparison between two of MAC’s most popular lipsticks — as I’m sure you could tell by the title! Crème Cup vs Angel!
COLOR: They are both light neutral pinks, but Crème Cup is slightly lighter and a smidgen more blue toned.
FINISH: Angel is a frost, although many bloggers dispute this fact. The more I wear Angel the more the frost becomes apparent. If you take a look in the swatch below you can see that it has a frosty sheen. Crème Cup is a Cremesheen and applies like butter. It is very smooth and creamy — for lack of a better word!
WEAR: Cremesheens tend to have pretty short wear times. Crème Cup typically lasts 2 hours while Angel can wear up to 4.
Unfortunately they both cling to any dryness that you may have on your lips, so proper exfoliation is key!
(l-r) MAC Crème Cup, MAC Angel

Overall I would have to say that I prefer Crème Cup, mainly because I enjoy the Cremesheen finish much more than Frosts!

Do you own Angel or Crème Cup? Which is your favorite?


Baby Cuteness ♥

I just wanted to share a couple recent pictures of my son Mason. He will be turning 1 year old on August 2nd! Isn’t he sweet? 🙂

MAC Bleuluxe Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Review, Pictures, Swatches

Hello darlings!
I have to apologize for my absence. I’ve been really busy and kind of in a funk so I decided to take a little break from blogging — I think it happens to all of us from time to time 🙂
I’m back with this beautiful eyeshadow palette from MAC. While my mom was in NYC she bought this for me as a little gift. She’s so thoughtful — and knows exactly what makes me happy! Eyeshadow!
“It’s eye shadow innovation like you’ve never seen before. A versatile powder that brings out the pigment’s pure and true color. The result is a glamorous, creamy and lightweight hybrid offering two distinctive effects: applied wet for a super saturation of color that glistens with metallic brilliance, or dry for sheer coverage with a soft, sparkling finish.”
Bleuluxe #1 — sparkly off white
Bleuluxe #2 — sparkly cool toned grey-blue
Bleuluxe #3 — navy with two toned shimmer
Bleuluxe #4 — blackened navy blue with pearl
Bleuluxe #5 — neutral black with blue microshimmer

In the swatches below I applied the shadows dry and they are moderately sheer. In the description provided by MAC, that’s how these shadows are designed to perform. When applied to the eye dry I prefer layering the sparkly shades over other eyeshadows. The two darker shades were very soft, almost to a fault. They were a bit too crumbly, but with some extra effort I was able to make them work.



When applied wet they are fully opaque, as seen below (Bleuluxe #1-3). Sorry for the incomplete look… I just wanted to show what the eyeshadows look like wet, but wasn’t really in the mood to put together full-on drag makeup. I hope you understand 🙂

When used wet or dry there was a lot of fallout. I think these would be great for a glamorous night out, but not something I would wear everyday.
Although they are limited edition, you should still be able to pick this up if you’re interested!
Have you tried any of the Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadows?
Much love,


TAG: 13 Personal Questions

I was tagged by the beautiful Kelly at The Patch Diaries! Thank you for tagging me 🙂

What do you order at Starbucks?
If it is warm outside I order a Café Vanilla Frappuccino Light with whip. If it’s cold I get a Skinny Vanilla Latte with three Splenda!

What’s one thing in your closet you couldn’t live without?
I’m not really too attached to my clothes and there isn’t anything in there that I can’t live without. I gained weight during my pregnancy and still can’t fit into a lot of my favorite clothes… I would have to say my black Reef flip flops. No one makes a better pair than Reef!

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?
I’m kind of an open book, so I don’t know that I have any interesting secrets. I spent 3 months in Southeast Asia and it changed my life. I was in Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Click HERE if you’d like to learn 50 random facts about me!

What’s one thing you want to do before you die?
My dream is to travel all over Europe and visit New York City.

What is one food you can’t live without?
Peanut butter M&M’s

What’s one quote that you live by?
“Everything works out in the end. If it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end.”

What do you like and dislike about the blogging community?
I love interacting with people that have the same unhealthy obsession with all things beauty. It sounds cheesy, but I feel like I have friends all over the world because of blogging. I love reading comments and commenting on other blogs… which leads me into what I can’t freaking stand. I despise the “Great blog! Please check out mine! I will follow you on GFC or Bloglovin’ if you follow me!”  How about you piss off! 🙂  

What is your number one song on iTunes?
Probably “Stinkfist” by Tool… I listen to metal when I workout and Tool is my favorite 🙂

What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?
Simple and classic… I like clean lines and clothing/accessories that are timeless.

What is your favorite number?
87… hand down. I don’t know why but for as long as I can remember this is the number I use when I’m exaggerating.

Two hobbies?
Online shopping and makeup… as sad as it sounds I have no other hobbies, lol. I spend a lot of my free time playing with or taking care of my son, so when I have “me” time it usually revolves around cosmetics 🙂

Two pet peeves?
Lip smacking… there is nothing that annoys me more than someone smacking their lips!

When you are standing in line at the grocery store and someone is REALLY close to you with their cart. Like seriously, can I have some room please?

Your guilty pleasure?
Mine are pretty similar to Kelly’s! The Real Housewives and food…. lots of food. 🙂


Pauline from Addicted to Makeup

Let me know if you do this tag so that I can read your answers!

Much love,

Trash Talk and Pan Porn


Hello gorgeous!

Hitting pan, pan porn, whatever you call it — there is no greater feeling! In reality it’s quite a conflicting feeling… happy that you’ve actually used a product enough to hit pan, and sad because you have to buy a new one. However you feel about the subject, hope you enjoy my trash talk!

MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC25 and NC30 ($27) — I’m pretty surprised that I haven’t written a full review on Studio Fix Powder. This is a staple in my collection. MAC SFP is a full coverage powder foundation that I’ve been using for over ten years. On days when I don’t want to wear liquid foundation I just throw this on with either a brush or the sponge that comes with it and I’m good to go. I use the NC colors because they have a lot of yellow in them which helps to counteract my facial redness. Keep in mind that their liquid foundation names don’t match up with SFP… I wear NC15 in Studio Fix Fluid and NC30 in Studio Fix Powder. Repurchase? YES!

Cargo Blu-Ray Powder in 01 ($36) — I purchased this powder to go with the Cargo foundation. Avoid this product at all costs ladies! It’s horrendous. When you dip your brush powder goes flying everywhere and it applies super cakey. I probably used this powder no more than 10-15 times and I hit pan… are you kidding me?! Repurchase? HELL NO!

MAC Blanc Type Eyeshadow ($12) — Another staple in my collection. Blanc Type is a creamy, super pigmented off white that I use for my brow highlight. I will say that I hit pan faster than usual with this eyeshadow because it is somewhat powdery, but I put up with it because I love the it. I think this works best on fair/light skin, because it can appear a bit chalky when I have a tan. Repurchase? YES!

MAC Politely Pink Lipstick ($15) — Politely Pink is a Lustre finish lipstick. On the lips it looks like a pearly (borderline frosty) nude. I have had this lipstick for years and decided I wanted to use it up. I don’t think that it looks nice worn alone, so I paired it up with Ample Pink Lipglass. I think this lipstick is decent, but MAC makes so many better ones. Repurchase? Probably not.

MAC Cultured Lipglass ($15) — If you are familiar with my blog, you’ve heard rave about this lipglass. Cultured is the perfect MLBB pink with a slight purple undertone. Click HERE for a full review and lip swatches. Repurchase? YES!

Covergirl Lashblast Volume in Brown ($8) — Because I am blonde, I like to have a brown mascara in my arsenal for days when I want to be a bit more natural. I absolutely love this mascara and recommend it to anyone looking for thicker lashes. Click HERE for photos. Repurchase? YES!


The main reason I love hitting pan is because of Back to MAC… if you return 6 empty containers to your local MAC counter your get a free lipstick! If you return them to a store you get a free lipstick, eyeshadow or lipglass!

In the next couple of days I will do a second post with skincare and hair products!

Hope your day is going great and I will talk to you again soon!

Have you hit pan on anything recently?