MAC Ruby Woo vs Russian Red

Today I thought I would do a quick comparison of two of my favorite lipsticks… Ruby Woo vs Russian Red!

COLOR: Russian Red is definitely a cooler (more blue toned) slightly deeper red. Ruby Woo is slightly more neutral leaning and brighter in color.

FINISH: Ruby Woo is a Retro Matte meaning it is extremely dry. I didn’t know it was possible for a lipstick to be that dry! Russian Red is a Matte finish but it is much smoother to apply. If you look at the swatches below you can see the difference in the two finishes. Although Russian Red is Matte you can still see a slight sheen to is, but Ruby Woo is completely flat.

APPLICATION: Because of its incredibly dry texture Ruby Woo is somewhat of a pain to apply and I find it difficult to use a brush with this lipstick. Typically I apply Ruby Woo directly from the bullet and then touch up with a lip liner. Russian Red can be easily applied from the bullet or by brush

WEAR: They both wear extremely well, although I would say Russian Red is a bit more comfortable.

top Russian Red; bottom Ruby Woo

(I’m not that pale in person — the camera washed me out)

When it comes to red lipsticks, your skin tone will be the biggest factor in deciding which looks best on you. Russian Red will suit cool tone ladies best, while Ruby Woo will look great on a variety of skin tones because it is more neutral. I think Russian Red is more of an evening/night color because it is slightly deeper and a more vampy red. I prefer to pair both with Cherry Lip Pencil by MAC. You could also use Brick if you wanted a little contrast. No matter which lipstick you choose, it is necessary to wear a lip balm or primer underneath. I like MAC’s Prep + Prime… it really keeps my lips feeling moisturized. I will be posting a review soon!

Even though Russian Red is easier to apply, I prefer Ruby Woo. The color of Ruby Woo is perfect on my complexion and it seriously lasts forever!

Russian Red, Ruby Woo

Hope you enjoyed! What is your favorite red lipstick?



One thought on “MAC Ruby Woo vs Russian Red

  1. Meesha Kaw

    These are gorgeous shades, but I think too daring for me! I have been absolutely addicted to red lipsticks over the past few months. My favorite is EL's Forbidden Apple, which is sadly discontinued, but I found mine at a CCO. I also like Rimmel Show Off Lacquer in Big Bang. I recently reviewed it and found it to be amazing! Enjoy your lippie reviews!!! 🙂

  2. Hola Flo Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    They are both so pretty, I own Ruby Woo and I think it can look so classy but damn, it dries up a bit 🙂


  3. Kendra C

    Love these! There is something really classic about a red lipstick!! I love Spice It Up by MAC, but it more of a Fall/Winter red for sure!


  4. Laura Hyatt

    I think I prefer the Russian red, as the Ruby Woo is a bit too orange for me. I'm ginger so would clash too much! haha Xxx

  5. Hannah S

    Both look amazing on you! Did u get my reply email? 🙂

  6. asianhomie101

    I don't have a favorite red lipstick yet, so it was very nice to read a comparison of these two popular lipsticks from Mac! It was the first time I've ever heard of Ruby Woo being drying, I find it astonishing no ones mentioned this before! Thanks Sarah!
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

  7. kissandmakeupsbeautyblog

    Ruby Woo for me!

  8. Olivia S

    I love the look of Ruby Woo! Great post Xx

    Olivia –

  9. Tinxabellie

    That Russian Red is absolutely gorgeous. I love blue-reds as opposed to orangey-reds. Suits you 🙂 x

  10. Elnienesia Meirinza Putri Dewa

    Well i think i did a mistake. I bought Ruby woo. I was thinking inbetween Ruby Woo or Russian Red. But I have brown skin tone so thought It would be matched with me. Nice post!


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