MAC Hue Lipstick


I went to the MAC counter this weekend to pick up a couple lipsticks and I am in love with them all, especially Hue! Typically I am not a big fan of nude lipsticks/glosses… I think they can look chalky and corpse-like. Because it is a Glaze finish, Hue is semi-opaque and doesn’t completely blank out lips. There is a hint of pink, which keeps it from washing out my incredibly pale skin. I think it would look great on a variety of different skin tones!

My lips are pretty pale so this may look a bit different on someone with more pigmented lips. Also, it looks much better in person than it appears in that photo — nudes typically look less flattering in close ups.


I’ve been pairing Hue with C-Thru for the perfect nude lip!

Do you have Hue? What is your favorite nude lipstick?

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One thought on “MAC Hue Lipstick

  1. Jessika Tjalma

    I don't really like nude lipstick on me, it makes me look kind of dead :')

  2. byers babes

    Thank you for this post!I've been looking for exactly this color.I just went to MAC and swatched it and it is perfect for me.Thanks for all of your posts — they are so helpful!

  3. Paula Kemp

    I have just got a nude lipstick from Estee Lauder – Barely Nude in the lasting lipstick range – it's quite a brown nude, but is a nice shade with a tan and very long lasting on the lips.


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