TOP 5 MAC LIPSTICKS — Summer Brights Edition!

Hello lovelies! Here are my Top 5 MAC lipsticks for Summer! As you are about to see I have an affinity for the Amplified Crème finish; they are super creamy, extremely pigmented and last for hours. When I wear a bright lip I don’t want to have to constantly check that it hasn’t smudged or reapply often. Amplified lipsticks hug your lips and then leave a beautiful stain that has to be removed with a makeup wipe.

Hope you enjoy!

(L-R) Chatterbox, Impassioned, Vegas Volt, Girl About Town, Pink Pearl Pop

IMPASSIONED (Amplified Crème)

Impassioned is a neon corally watermelon pink that looks amazing with winged eyeliner. It is so bright that my camera has a hard time registering the color. It is actually brighter than this lip swatch shows!

GIRL ABOUT TOWN (Amplified Crème)

Girl About Town is a bright fushia that looks gorgeous all year round, but especially for summer!

PINK PEARL POP (Cremesheen + Pearl)

Pink Pearl Pop is definitely the tamest of my top five! You have to build up the color of this one to reach full opacity, but it is such a wearable bright pink — LOVE!

Thank you for reading!!! What is your favorite lipstick for summer?



One thought on “TOP 5 MAC LIPSTICKS — Summer Brights Edition!

  1. Step into my closet

    I've nominated you for the liebster award you can see this in my new blog post xx

  2. Julia Wright

    I really like mac chatterbox too! I also love viva glam Nikki and now that I've seen you lip swatch pink pearl pop is on my list! Cool photography by the way!


  3. asianhomie101

    The majority of those colors are on my list to get! From your list I only have Impassioned, its my favorite bright lipstick XD
    <3 Pauline, Addicted to Makeup

  4. Gemma T

    Oh wow.. I love all of them, I only own one of these; Pink Pearl Pop! I would love to get my hands on Chatterbox xx

    Gemma| ♥Miss Makeup Magpie

  5. Anonymous

    I want Vegas Volt!Gorgeous colors!!

  6. Sarah morethanadored

    Fantastic post! Love the lip swatches too 🙂
    I have Impassioned and I really need to show it some love because it's an amazing colour. I really love the look of Vegas Volt! It's winter here and I've been lusting over all these orange lipsticks haha and Pink Pearl Pop is a gorgeous colour too.
    Great picks 😉

    Sarah x

  7. Ashii

    Ah so many pretties! Chatterbox is gorgeous, I have samples of Impassioned & Vegas Volt but VV wasn't all it seemed in the sample, I prefer Morange for a brighter orange lip! Impassioned is the perfect summer colour, though. I also want Girl About Town! xx

  8. alison*elle

    These are all so pretty on you! Vegas Volt is one of my go-to summer lippies too though it looks a lot more orange on me.

    xo, alison*elle

  9. Hola Flo Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    Vegas volt is gorgeous.. I'm kinda scared of bright colors so this is my safe option, but im sure they all look amazing on you!

    Btw I'm impressed we are so similar.. but hey, Jon Snow is mine ! 🙁


  10. Christine B.

    Impassioned is one of my favourites too!I need more "summery" lipsticks and Chatterbox and Vegas Volt have been on my MAC wishlist for a long time.

  11. Louise Loves

    love this post, such cute photography with the flowers! I really like the vegas volt shade – think I've found my perfect match! Thanks!

    Louise Loves

  12. Sarah Reibs

    They are all such beautiful colours!! I'm a sucker for any bright lipsticks, especially in the summer. I think my favourite is probably Vegas Volt, because i'm so into coral's right now. 😛

    Sarah|Beauty and Lemonade xo

  13. Maybe Its Megan Leigh

    I really need to get chatterbox, it looks such a flattering shade for everyday wear. Great swatch pics!
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  14. Flora Adora

    All those colors look amazing! I had a hard time choosing the right lipstick at Mac. I think I'll get the first three colors! I especially love Impassioned!


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