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  1. Lisa Rose

    Hi! Can you please recommend Lipsticks (MAC or others) that compliment fair skin? I have blue eyes, dark brown hair, and fair skin. I am going to try your MAC eyeshadow and blush recommendations, but want to pair them with the best/correct toned lipsticks!

    Thank you!

    1. admin

      Hi Lisa!! I’m excited for your MAC haul… so much fun!

      The reason I haven’t made a top 10 lipstick recommendation post for fair/medium/dark skin because there are a lot more factors when it comes to lipstick. The biggest one being how pigmented your lips are… the sheerer a lipstick is the more your lip color influences the color of the lipstick. Also, do you want bright colors or more natural ones? How large/small are your lips? How white are your teeth? (lipsticks that are yellow or orange based will make teeth look more yellow) What is your undertone — are you cool or warm? And a lot of it boils down to taste… what I LOVE you may not like on yourself.

      Make sure to try them on! The girls at MAC will clean the lipsticks for you!

      Typically, I think pinks are the most flattering for fair skin… anything with too much brown or orange can look strange… just my opinion! With all that said here are some lipsticks that I think you can’t go wrong with… I keep at least three of these in my purse at all times! 🙂

      1. Angel or Creme Cup (wearable light pink) — they are very similar but Creme Cup is slightly more blue toned.

      2. Hue or Japanese Maple (nude) — They have different finishes… Hue is more sheer. If you have very pigmented lips, go for Japanese Maple.

      3. Chatterbox (bright pink) — AMAZING! This is a must have in my opinion!

      4. Syrup (my lips but better kind of color)– some people find that this looks a little too purple, but I love it! If this doesn’t work out, then try Viva Glam V… a very popular color, I just don’t like it on myself. It is also a “my lips but better”

      5. Lovelorn or Pink Pearl Pop (wearable midtone pink) — I prefer Pink Pearl Pop on myself, but Lovelorn is much more universally flattering and a tiny bit more wearable… Lovelorn looks good on everyone!!

      If you are going to get a red lipstick I would recommend Russian Red or Ruby Woo… but make sure to try it on! Cherry lip liner works with both of them beautifully!

      Others that are also beautiful:

      1. Bombshell
      2. Impassioned — very bright watermelon pink!
      3. Coral Bliss
      4. Girl About Town — Bright fushia

      I HIGHLY Recommend you pick up Cultured lipglass!!! It’s soooooo beautiful!

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Nur Aza Mohd Farit

    Sharon, are you interested in doing an international makeup swap? We can set a budget and ship each other those goodies! What do you think about that?:)

  3. Tia

    Thank you so much for creating this amazing blog! I have just discovered it and I love it – it’s been so helpful in starting my Mac collection.


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