MAC Angel vs Creme Cup — Lipstick Review and Swatches

Today’s post is a quick comparison between two of MAC’s most popular lipsticks — as I’m sure you could tell by the title! Crème Cup vs Angel!
COLOR: They are both light neutral pinks, but Crème Cup is slightly lighter and a smidgen more blue toned.
FINISH: Angel is a frost, although many bloggers dispute this fact. The more I wear Angel the more the frost becomes apparent. If you take a look in the swatch below you can see that it has a frosty sheen. Crème Cup is a Cremesheen and applies like butter. It is very smooth and creamy — for lack of a better word!
WEAR: Cremesheens tend to have pretty short wear times. Crème Cup typically lasts 2 hours while Angel can wear up to 4.
Unfortunately they both cling to any dryness that you may have on your lips, so proper exfoliation is key!
(l-r) MAC Crème Cup, MAC Angel

Overall I would have to say that I prefer Crème Cup, mainly because I enjoy the Cremesheen finish much more than Frosts!

Do you own Angel or Crème Cup? Which is your favorite?


One thought on “MAC Angel vs Creme Cup — Lipstick Review and Swatches

  1. Sarah morethanadored

    Fantastic post! I didn't realise these were so similar 😮
    I have Creme Cup and wear it regularly – I love the finish too!


  2. Maybe Its Megan Leigh

    I didn't realise the two were so similar. My fave has to be Angel though. But after seeing this am tempted to try creme cup.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xox

  3. Zoey Witherspoon

    I love the cremesheen finish, and have repurchased shygirl 5 times now! Although I do find they are so drying, so am constantly having to apply lipbalm and exfoliate my lips! Lovely blog, now following!xx

  4. Gemma Turner

    Oh my gosh! I have both of these lipsticks, and I had NO idea they were this similar?! They look identical in your swatches xxx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  5. asianhomie101

    I never realized that these were similar! I don't own either of these, but whenever I get the chance I will definitely pick up Creme Cup first before Angel, due to your recommendation ^_^
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. dandeexo

    I have creme cup and I don't rate it! Is there a lustre lipstick that is similar? I'm obsessed with nudes by mac! I have peach nudes, pink nudes and brown nudes hah!

  7. Nur Aza Mohd Farit

    I have Angel, Sarah. May be a smidgen light for my skin (NC30) but it's better than Creme Cup on my lips. Yes, I do notice the frosty sheen but not as noticeable as other frost finished lipstick from MAC. With Angel, I use Buerre lipliner to make it a bit 'warmer' though. Love it! 🙂

  8. Paula Kemp

    Funnily enough I purchased Creme Cup last weekend, and wore it for the first time yesterday, and I certainly agree that you need to exfoliate prior to wearing it! was not a pretty site after wearing it for a couple of hours 🙂

  9. RayBeauty

    I've used creme cup for a while and love the colour, I bought angel the other day and when I got home I realised how similar they were! I think I were creme cup more often though!


    PS: love your blog

  10. Kendra C

    I love Angel!! It is a favorite! Everytime I go to my MAC counter to grab Creme Cup they are sold out!! Thanks for the review!


  11. wantsneedsloves

    I purchased Angel a year ago after reading the positive reviews about it! To be honest, I was disappointed with it! Creme Cup is next on my list to purchase, so this review was super helpful! 🙂

    – Amy

  12. Blondgrn212

    I have both, for a while I liked Creme cup better, now it's angel again, both shades are lovable.

  13. Anonymous

    I got Creme cup think it looks better on fair skin and blond hair. I absolutely adore it, I wear it with a Clarins lipgloss and it is perfect! 🙂

  14. Peggy Boersma

    I have both Cream Cup and Angel, and it's hard to decide which I like more, but thank you for the review/comparison :)Guess I'll keep both!And I also love Shy Girl too, as one person commented above. But I always apply the prep and prime for the lips beforehand, to help the Creamsheens last a little longer, and help not dry my lips out so much ;->Peggy

  15. Laurel Sumner

    I only own mac's Vegas Volt so still deciding which mac nude to get first as im loving the look of so many! i never realised how similar these two were until now (which seems to be the case for a lot of people) so i'm definitely going to make sure i get only one for the time being. which one do you think would compliment a fair skinned redhead better? im going to go into the mac store and ask but i would appreciate your opinion! thanks for the review 🙂


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