Best Drugstore Mascara — My Top 4!

Left to Right: Loreal Voluminous, Loreal Telescopic, Covergirl Clump Crusher, Covergirl Lashblast

If there is one thing drugstore cosmetic companies know how to do, it’s mascara! Although I have a couple high end tubes, I just never reach for them. Mascaras in general have such a short shelf life I think drugstore is definitely the way to go!!

I was going to do a Top 3, but I couldn’t narrow it down… I love them all!

A couple disclaimers for the picture comparisons –> For each mascara I have noted how many coats were applied — this is only describing the top lashes, as I only used one coat on my bottom lashes for all the pictures. Also, the lashes on my left eye are a bit thinner, shorter, and like to go in random directions — gotta love it 🙂 So, just take that into account when comparing them!


Covergirl Lashblast lives up to the hype! I love this mascara and I think it is my all time favorite! This one is very volumizing and looks best with 2-3 coats. It builds well without clumping. I can’t say enough good things about the formula… but the brush is a bit big for my taste. The bristles are plastic so it does take a little getting used to.


Clump Crusher is similar to Lashblast but is less likely to clump, go figure. I really like this one when I am in a rush and want to throw on one or two coats because I know I won’t have to mess around with lash combs or trying to fix clumps. The formula is thinner than Lashblast but it is definitely buildable! I like the brush, but I always get dots on my waterline when applying (as seen in the picture). I’m assuming it’s because of the curve and plastic bristles.  Aside from that, I absolutely love this baby!

LOREAL TELESCOPIC (Blackest Black) — Two Coats

Loreal Telescopic is definitely a lengthening mascara and looks best with 1-2 coats maximum. Any more than that and it starts to clump. This one is perfect for ladies that would like to add length rather than volume. The wand is somewhat strange. It’s very thin and also has plastic bristles. Also, it truly is the blackest black, as the name states — at least the deepest black out of any mascara I’ve tried.

LOREAL VOLUMINOUS (Blackest Black) — Two Coats

Loreal Voluminous and I go waaaaaay back. This used to be my go-to mascara! I prefer the original formula. As the name states, this is a volumizing mascara that is very buildable. I think it looks best with 2-4 coats. The one downside to this one is that the formula changes as time goes by. At first it’s a bit too watery. Then as it dries out a little it becomes AMAZING! Of course all good things must come to an end and it becomes a bit dry and starts to clump — which mine is starting to do.

Overall I tried to give the good and the bad about each mascara — I haven’t found one that is absolutely perfect on all fronts.

I hope that was helpful! What is your favorite drugstore mascara?

One thought on “Best Drugstore Mascara — My Top 4!

  1. Amber Morgan

    Mine is Maybelline Colossal Volume Express right now. I'll have to try these though! Thank you for doing this blog! <3

  2. Paula Kemp

    I am loving Max Factor Clump defy volumising mascara.It actually looks very similar to the covergirl clump crusher brush.Fab blog, just found you 🙂


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