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Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Foundation Routine

Today I'm going to be sharing my foundation routine with you!

The key to smooth, flawless foundation is exfoliation! I got the Exuviance Rejuvenating Bionic Scrub from Ulta as a large sample. Wow, it's amazing! It is quite expensive ($36) but I think I will invest in the full size when I run out. I use this every other evening. It has done wonders for my skin, and it helps my foundation apply so smoothly!

I have very fair skin with a lot of facial redness. I like to use MAC Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer in Neutralize after my moisturizer and before my foundation. It helps to calm the redness and offers SPF 35, which I love! I did a full review on this product, click HERE.


MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC15) has quickly become a Holy Grail for me. I would call it a medium buildable to full coverage foundation with a matte finish. It is perfect for oily/combination skin like mine. The color NC15 is a great match for my skin, and the extra yellow in the foundation helps to counteract my facial redness. I am super pale, but have warm undertones on my neck, chest and the rest of my body, so this one is perfect. The last time I was at MAC the MUA told me that they have a new shade, NC5, which is alabaster white. So any of you ladies that find NC15 too dark, then check out NC5!

I use the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki to buff my foundation into the skin -- another Holy Grail! Please click HERE for a more indepth look at the F80.


Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser (Fair) is perfect for under the eyes! I have under eye circles, but they aren't terribly bad. This is the only conealer I use for this area. While I really like this product, I'm still looking for my Holy Grail... do you have any suggestions?

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC20) I use for blemishes or defining underneath my eyebrow, which I do on occasion. Great concealer!

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer is the only true FULL coverage drugstore concealer that I've found. It is similar to Dermablend. This stuff is amazing, and is only $6! My only complaint is the color selection. Light is a smidge too light for me and the next color is way too dark. I use this when I my skin is really acting up.

Here's a pic of Hard Candy Glamophlage fully covering one of my tattoos... this is stuff is hardcore!


To me, powder is powder... I don't feel the need to spend a million dollars just to powder my face. Lately I have been loving Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (001 Transparent). It was $5 at Ulta and has lasted me forever. After it is finished I think I'm going to try the MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural because I've heard such great things. I apply this with a MAC 129SE or Real Techniques Blush Brush.
Ok ladies and gents... that's my foundation routine! I hope you found it helpful! Let me know in the comments below if you have found a great undereye concealer... one that doesn't settle into fine lines!

What's your Holy Grail foundation?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sigma Brush Haul -- Brutally Honest Review

I have been putting off purchasing Sigma brushes. I just got the impression that they were a poor substitute for MAC brushes and I don't like copy-cat companies. Today I'm writing an HONEST review. I don't have affiliate links, coupon codes, and I'm not sponsored by Sigma.

Whew! Now that I have that out there, lets get started! Please click the pictures to enlarge!

Left to Right: F10, F80, E40, E34, E65

 Sigma F80 - Flat Top Kabuki Brush
I rarely say this -- but this brush has completely changed the way I do my makeup. I hardly ever wore liquid foundation because I hated the way other brushes applied it and it took forever... until I found this brush. It is hands down the best foundation brush I have ever used by any brand. Not only does it leave a flawless finish, but it does it in half the time. The synthetic bristles are so soft and they don't eat up all your product like a lot of stippling brushes do. This brush also helps to give a fuller coverage. I have washed it three times in the last week that I've had it and I haven't noticed any shedding. It does take quite a while to dry because the bristles are so densely packed. Regular exfoliation is a must! Buffing brushes like the F80 can cause micro-exfoliation -- this will make any dry patches appear flakier. I haven't had any issues, but I have combination oily skin... Ladies with super dry skin may proceed with caution. 

Sigma F10 -- Powder/Blush Brush

I use the F10 for blush only. It's not big and fluffy enough to be used as an all over powder brush. I think the F10 is soft and performs its job well. It is similar to the MAC 129. I find that a patting motion works best with this brush. I would repurchase it and I use it daily. I'm not over the moon, but I like it and would recommend.

Sigma E40 -- Blending Brush

I originally purchased this for applying my transition. After washing the E40 around 7-10 times it has completely lost its shape and now I only find it suitable for applying highlighter to my cheek bones. I would NOT repurchase.

Sigma E45 - Tapered Blending Brush

I have been praying that MAC repromotes the 226, but now I could care less if they do... this brush is perfect for detailed crease work. I think it applies eyeshadow beautifully and is great quality for the money. I have washed it twice and it has completely kept its shape. I bought my mom one for Mother's Day :)

Sigma E65 -- Small Angled Brush

Total Disappointment. As you can see in the close-up it is not at a perfect angle... it just levels off. This is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to brushes. I would return it but it's not worth the shipping cost. I'm sure not all Sigma E65's will have this problem, but mine does and I'm pissed. I was going to use this for gel liner but clearly that's not an option. It is also too wide imo to be used for this purpose -- unless you want a thick line.

I don't think all Sigma brushes are created equally, as I've read a lot of bad reviews on certain ones... so if you are planning on purchasing some I would recommend checking out makeupalley or reading other reviews. I plan on getting a couple more and will do another haul post!

You can purchase them at

Hope that this was helpful and don't forget to subscribe, follow, and comment!

Do you have any Sigma brushes? How do you feel about them?