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Friday, May 17, 2013

Tarte Exposed Blush Review and Swatches




Today I am very excited to review the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed. This has been my go-to blush ever since I purchased it!
HERE is an older post where I went over my Tarte blush collection... at that time I had only tried Exposed on in Ulta with those heinous fluorescent lights, so I thought I would never purchase it.  I couldn't have been more wrong about my new best friend -- Exposed.
As I'm sure you know, Tarte is nice enough to match the outside packaging with the color of the blush... well in most cases. Exposed is actually a mauve/rose color which confused me because they have it in brown packaging. Regardless, this blush is BEAUTIFUL! I think it bests suits fair, light, and some medium skin tones... I don't think it would show up well on anyone NC45 and up.
Exposed has fabulous pigmentation and lasting power. I'm not sure about Tarte's 12 hour claim, but I can wear it 8 hours with little to no fading. On my NC15 skin, this blush looks like the most natural rosy flush, but still on the neutral side of things. It can be worn with just about any makeup look I put together, which is another reason why I love it so much.
The other day my mother complimented my blush so I felt compelled to apply it on her -- she is much tanner than I am -- around NC30. Exposed looked equally beautiful on her! I think this blush is a *MUST HAVE* ladies! Out of all my blushes, if I had to choose just one to wear for the rest of my days it would be between Tarte Exposed and MAC Cubic... thankfully I will never have to make that decision!
DUPES: Tarte Exposed is very similar to MAC Tenderling and somewhat similar to MAC Cubic. Unfortunately I don't own Tenderling anymore so I can't do a comparison swatch, but hopefully you'll just take my word on it ;)
Have you tried Exposed? What is your favorite blush?
Exposed vs Cubic, Exposed vs Buff, Exposed vs Tenderling

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MAC HARMONY: Best Contour for Fair Skin!

I purchased Harmony because I read that it made for a great contour on fair skin. I must say that it is very different using a blush to contour, but it gave me awesome results!

Harmony is a very pigmented rosy brownish color, as you can see in the swatches below. There are absolutely no orange tones in this blush which is why it is great for ladies with fair skin. I used a VERY light hand, and it gave the most beautiful subtle contour. Before trying Harmony, I would use Benefit's Hoola to contour. The texture of Hoola and Harmony is quite different. They are both matte but Harmony was more finely milled and less powdery. Typically a bronzer will be a bit more powdery than blush, so that was to be expected. You just have to change your technique when applying it. I used very little product on a MAC 109 and took my time blending.

A couple negatives: I don't think it would be good for overall bronzing, and I will continue to use my beloved Hoola for that. Also, the rosy color may make certain blushes look strange when paired with it.

To be honest I don't think contouring is practical for everyday, but it's great for special occasions or going out on the weekends. If you are in the market for a great matte contour color I would definitely recommend Harmony.

On a side note, I would like to tell all the fair/light skinned ladies out there that I would NOT recommend Tarte's Park Avenue Princess Matte Bronzer shown in the swatches below. It shows up INCREDIBLY orangey on my fair skin... but that's just my opinion :)
Please click to enlarge.


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Monday, February 25, 2013


Well Dressed is the quintessential baby pink that every girl should have in her collection! It has a Satin finish and gives the most gorgeous subtle sheen when applied to the cheek. Although the picture above may look a little dark, it is completely true to color. You can also see the silver micro shimmer that runs through it.

MAC Well Dressed vs Tarte Dollface

I've heard many times that Well Dressed and Tarte's Dollface were dupes, but I have to disagree. They differ in finish, pigmentation, and color. In the swatches above I did three passes with Dollface, and at least ten with Well Dressed. It is not a very pigmented blush, and I would only recommend it to ladies with fair, light, and some medium skin.

I typically only purchase matte blushes but this is one of the few exceptions! You do have to build up the color, but like I have said before, I prefer it that way. I can be a little too heavy handed with blush sometimes, and it's hard to mess up when using Well Dressed.

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Do you have Well Dressed or Dollface?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MAC MELBA VS PEACHES -- Blush Review and Swatches

Melba has a matte finish and is extremely pigmented. In the swatches above I only did two passes on my arm to get that degree of opacity. Not only is it super pigmented, but I find that it blends easily and stays put all day long. As compared to Peaches, Melba has more brown and pink tones. Unlike Peaches, I don't think this blush appears too orange on super fair gals.

Peaches is a Sheertone blush -- meaning you have to build up the color. In the swatch above, I did about 10 passes to get the color shown. Because it isn't as pigmented, you can be a bit more heavy handed and not look like a fool. This blush is a true peach when applied. I think it is gorgeous on most skintones but can look a little too orangey on very fair ladies.
Honestly I love Peaches and Melba, but I don't think it is necessary to have both. If I had to pick just one, I would go with Melba. The main difference between the two is pigmentation and staying power. You can get very similar results using either of them... you just have to adjust your technique. I think Peaches is great for beginners because it is hard to mess up. Melba, on the other hand, can be easily overdone -- and nobody likes 80's style clown streaks! Or maybe they do...
 Do you have Peaches or Melba?
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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blushes have become extremely popular, as I'm sure you know! With any product that is hyped to heaven there is usually some truth in all the exaggeration. These blushes are definitely a great product, and worth looking into! A lot of us makeup addicts went a little crazy and wanted to buy them ALL!

I prefer matte blushes because I think they are much more versatile, and a good majority of Tarte blushes have shimmer. The four I have are the most useful for my collection, and I will only be reviewing the ones I own.

Tarte claims that amazonian clay has numerous benefits for the skin such as balancing skin moisture and oil control -- making it suitable for all skin types. I'm not sure if all that is completely true, but I do know that they do not get patchy or greasy like some blushes, and the staying power is outstanding!

HERE is a link to my review of Exposed -- which I purchased after writing this post.


I must admit I had to edit this page to reflect my change in opinion. I absolutely love this baby pink blush, especially when I have a strong contour. Dollface is in the same color family as MAC Well Dressed but definitely not a dupe. Click HERE for swatch comparisons of the two.


Tarte's online description is a bit off... I would definitely consider this a warm pink rather than a peach. Blissful has a drier texture, so you have to dig a little more with your brush in the pan. Texture aside, it looks gorgeous on the skin and is probably my favorite!

FLUSH (Matte)

Flush is a berry-purple. This is the most pigmented blush I have ever used in my life! I love the way this looks on my fair skin -- it's a perfect "just in from the cold" flush. I think it would look amazing on any skin tone, especially dark skin! Because it is so pigmented, I like to use a fan brush to apply.


This is a gorgeous warm nude with glitter. I personally hate the glitter but not to worry -- when you tap your brush before applying, 95% of the glitter falls off and never makes it to your face. There is no shimmer so it ends up applying nearly matte. Fair skin tones can even use this as a bronzer.

(Right to left: Dollface, Blissful, Flush, Buff)
I did lighter swatches and blended them out to get a more realistic portrayal of what the blushes would look like on the cheek. Although they appear a little patchy in the picture, I can assure you that they won't apply like that on your cheeks. My favorite brush to use is the MAC 168 -- goat hair large angled contour brush. I would try to avoid synthetic hair brushes when using such pigmented blushes because they tend to grab and deposit more color -- easy to look like a clown with these blushes :)
Overall I really like them and I can't wait to pick up my next and final Tarte Blush -- TIPSY! I will let ya'll know how I like it!
Do you own any Tarte Blushes? How do you like them?

Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm continuing my fair skin series with today's post, which is the three best MAC blushes for pale or light skin. Now, some people find the word "pale" to be insulting... But I embrace how fair skinned I am and I use the term pale with pride!

The three I have listed all appear matte on the skin, which I think is important because they are the most versatile. You can always add shimmer later with a highlighter. If you would like to check out the eyeshadow installment of the series, click here.
You need three basic blushes in your collection: a neutral, a pink, and a peach. There are other color families that are great to have but, these are the necessary three! On to my blush choices... Click pictures to enlarge.
Cubic is the perfect go-to blush for ANY look. If I am in a rush and need to just grab something and throw it on, I always reach for this one. It is a satin finish, and while there are tiny amounts of sparkle in the pan, Cubic applies completely matte. You do have to build this blush up a little bit, and it is definitely the least pigmented of the three. But honestly girls, that's one of the reasons I love it... It is great for beginners and it's next to impossible to mess up when using this blush. Absolutely perfect, LOVE!
MAC DUPES: Cubic vs Tenderling? If you put the pans right next to each other they are a CLOSE match, although they apply to the skin a little differently. They are both neutral, but Cubic has more rosy undertones when applied. Do you need both? I would definitely say, NO.
Heellllloooooo gorgeous!!! I am absolutely obsessed with this blush, and I'm talking an extremely unhealthy obsession. Well, maybe not to that extent, but you know what I mean, right? This is the most beatiful baby peach blush I have ever seen. It is extremely pigmented and blends like a dream. A lot of peach blushes can look too orangey on light complexions, but not this beaut. It warms up the skin in the most perfect and subtle way -- truly a "lit from within" look.
MAC DUPES: Melba vs Peaches? They are similar but Melba has a little more brown and pink in it, and is definitely more pigmented. If you already have Peaches by MAC you may want to skip this one. I don't think they are different enough to justify owning both if you are just starting your collection. I definitely like Melba a lot more than Peaches, which is just too orange on a lot of fair ladies.
MAC describes Fleur Power as a "soft, bright pinkish coral" This is an AWESOME pink for all skin tones. I love Fleur Power for its versatility. Because this blush is so pigmented, you can use a light hand and get a very natural look, or a heavier hand and rock a statement cheek! If you want a more subtle pink I would suggest Well Dressed (click HERE).
What is your favorite blush? Leave a comment below!
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