Perfume Collection Perfume Collection

It’s been sooooooo long since I’ve written a blog post so I feel a bit rusty. My other laptop died and recently I was fortunate enough to be gifted a chromebook as an early Christmas present, so here I am! I’m back with quite a lengthy post — I hope you don’t mind. Perfume collection… Read more


Opening this box today was one of the most exciting moments of my adult life. I seriously felt like I was five years old on Christmas morning. I’ve read about swaps from makeupalley and other blogs, along with seeing them on YouTube and desperately wanted to participate in one, at least once. A couple months ago I was contacted… Read more

Top 10 MAC Eyeshadows for Fall Top 10 MAC Eyeshadows for Fall

Hello my darlings!     It’s been kind of a crazy week so I haven’t been able to update my blog much, and to make matters worse the weather has been total crap today so my pictures aren’t the best. I rely on natural light for true to color swatch pictures, but these are the… Read more

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks — Fall Edition! Top 5 MAC Lipsticks — Fall Edition!

Hello my dears! Today I wanted to do a quick post about my favorite MAC lipsticks for Fall! Typically I associate Fall with berry, red, or vampy lips. Because I don’t have the fullest lips in the world I try to stick to a lighter lipsticks in that color palette. The darker the lipstick, the smaller your… Read more

A Guide to MAC Eye Brushes A Guide to MAC Eye Brushes

Hello my dears!! I thought I would put together a guide to MAC’s eye brushes after my recent acquisition of the 226 and the 214. I wanted to write this because there is a lot of hype around MAC brushes, and while many of them are absolutely amazing brushes, quite a few I could do without…. Read more

CCO/CCS Haul — MAC, Bobbi Brown CCO/CCS Haul — MAC, Bobbi Brown

Hello my dears!! I’ve been wanting to go to the CCO for ages but the closest one is an hour and a half away. Yesterday I drove my mom to the airport in Charlotte, and decided that this was finally my opportunity! I can’t say it’s the best CCO I’ve ever been to, but I found… Read more