Top 5 MAC Lipsticks — Fall Edition!

Hello my dears! Today I wanted to do a quick post about my favorite MAC lipsticks for Fall!

Typically I associate Fall with berry, red, or vampy lips. Because I don’t have the fullest lips in the world I try to stick to a lighter lipsticks in that color palette. The darker the lipstick, the smaller your lips appear!

(l-r) Syrup, Plumful, Craving, Rebel, Viva Glam I

Syrup (Lustre) — Syrup is definitely a “my lips but better” lipstick with a plummy twist. Because it is relatively sheer, I find this one to be the easiest to wear and most flattering on a variety of different skin tones. Syrup has a permanent home in my handbag and I consider it a must have item, especially for Fall!

Plumful (Lustre) — Plumful is Syrup’s racier, sexier older sister. They are similar in color but Plumful is just slightly darker and more purple/plum. I love to wear this with cool toned eye looks and every time I wear this lippy I get a compliment. That has to mean something, right?!

Craving (Amplified) — Craving is a gorgeous mid tone pinky plum with outstanding pigmentation and staying power. Because of it’s Amplified finish, Craving isn’t a throw it on and go kind of lipstick. You definitely need a mirror and perhaps a brush, but totally worth it!

Rebel (Satin) — One of the newest additions to my collection and I am in love. Rebel is described as a berry red by MAC. This lipstick can be swiped on for full opacity, or patted on the lips for more of a stained effect. Rebel is bright yet dark at the same time… quite an interesting color if you ask me! I think this is one of those lipsticks that will look good on just about anyone, regardless of how fair or deep their skin tone is.

Viva Glam I (Matte) — I already have a full review up on Viva Glam I so please check that out for lip swatches, etc. VGI is a burgundy red that I think is well suited for Fall. Because it is slightly deeper and richer than your typical red it borders on vampy while still remaining wearable.

Have you tried any of my favorites? What are your favorite lipsticks for Fall?


One thought on “Top 5 MAC Lipsticks — Fall Edition!

  1. Lucy Sprowell

    I've always hear about Syrup being a good fall shade, need to go out and get it! God, I wish I was brave enough to wear Rebel too, everyone goes on about it!

    Lucy | a little of lucy

  2. carly

    so glad you did this post! I've been wanting to get a new lip product or two for the fall and haven't been sure what to get. I think craving is my favorite but I would probably avoid it with that finish but syrup sounds perfect for a subtle color with a hint of plum!

    sundays grace

  3. Gemma Turner

    Ahaha just admiring the shades and thought wow 5 is gorgeous, and yep that's the one I just bought. You're like a MAC guru, you have such an amazing MAC Collection. You should do a product directory for everything you review and swatch, I know it would be very popular xxx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Nur Aza Mohd Farit

    If you like Craving, you'll like Captive. Captive is more plummy pinkish with a hint of purple (what?!). One of my favorite, Sarah! Craving, here I come!:D

  5. Nur Aza Mohd Farit

    Oh, Rebel too. Love, love, love it so much!:))


    I'll have some Syrup please, thanks 😉

  7. Maybe Its Megan Leigh

    Ooo Rebel looks stunning, I am soooo envious of all your mac goodieyou have an amazing collection Hun.
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  8. Bunny. I ♡

    ahh i am in love with all the shades, my favourite has to be rebel though its such a beautiful colour, love your blog xx


  9. True

    Omg they are all stunnin!!

  10. Boho Vanity

    I've been lusting after 'Syrup' for years, it's so pretty!

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  11. maxine_marcelino

    these look amazing! i'm especially loving the viva glam I based on your swatches! my fav red lippie would be the marilyn monroe one though 🙂


  12. Halima - Fashionicide

    Can't believe I don't own any of these!

    The Viva Glam :O WANT!


  13. Ashii

    Plumful & craving are so pretty! Great selections, I love Rebel too but I feel that it wears off in the middle part of my lips so quickly which is really frustrating, I prefer to wear it as a stain.
    To answer your question from the other day, I asked somebody at Sephora for The Balm & she said to look in Walgreens which is where I found it! Hopefully it's at all of them xx

  14. RosyChicc

    I am obsessed with Syrup and Rebel for this fall, they are both so gorgeous. Rebel is my all time favorite MAC lipstick, it's such a unique shade and I've been wearing tons lately 🙂 Need to get Plumful, it looks beautiful!

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  15. Beautetude

    Craving is one of my go to lipsticks for the Fall! Great picks!


  16. beautylover

    Oh my god I love them all! Damn… more shades for my lipstick wishlist 😉

    I agree with Gemma, a product directory would be great. Thanks for sharing

  17. Connie Edwards

    I recently purchased "Rebel" and it is such a amazing colour! Much more of a going out colour, I doubt I could pull it off in everyday wear <3

  18. Caela

    I really wanna try rebel I keep seeing it on peoples blog and I'm jealous lol
    I have a top 5 on my blog


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