Let’s pretend hell just froze over and I had to pick 15 neutral eyeshadows to use until the end of time… dramatic, but go with it… Or we could be a little more realistic and say that these are my most used MAC eyeshadows and ones that I would recommend to someone just starting out with MAC!

In previous posts I have gone into detail about each one of these eyeshadows, so I’m keeping the description quite minimal in this one. Have a look around my blog to see more indepth info, or just leave a comment below and I’d be happy to answer any questions!

(L-R) Vanilla, Dazzlelight, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters, Woodwinked
Omega, Wedge, Soft Brown, Texture, Swiss Chocolate
Patina, Satin Taupe, Sable, Bronze, Smut

VANILLA (Velvet) — my holy grail highlight… Vanilla is an ivory with suble pink undertones that applies nearly matte.

DAZZLELIGHT (Veluxe Pearl) — pearly highlight that can be used on the inner corner, brow or cheek.

NAKED LUNCH (Frost) — beautiful “minimal pink with shimmer” shade that I usually wear on the lid.

ALL THAT GLITTERS (Veluxe Pearl) — champagne shade with the most gorgeous texture and pigmentation.

WOODWINKED (Veluxe Pearl) — metallic orangey gold that looks beautiful paired with warm browns.

OMEGA (Matte) — ashy taupe color that I use for my brows.

WEDGE (Matte) — versatile midtone taupey brown that looks gorgeous in the crease or as a transition. If your skin is darker than NC25 I would suggest Cork.

SOFT BROWN (Matte) — warm midtone brown that is perfect as a transition color.

TEXTURE (Velvet) — very warm orangey brown that I typically use under my lower lashline or to warm up the crease.

SWISS CHOCOLATE (Matte) — gorgeous reddish brown perfect for the crease and outer v

PATINA (Frost) — antiqued gold with a beautiful green and pink duochrome that is a great natural lid shade.

SATIN TAUPE (Frost) — purpley taupe… and absolutely stunning!

SABLE (Frost) — bronzy purpley brown. The frost is quite minimal and this shade can be used on the lid or in the crease.

BRONZE (Frost) — true bronze color that looks great on everyone!

SMUT (Velvet) — beautiful charcoal gray with purple and brown tones. I frequently use this in place of a matte brown or matte black. Great as liner or for the outer v.

Which would make the cut for your Top 15?



  1. Christine B.

    Great choices!I used to have a full 15 palette but now I think I only have 12 MAC eyeshadows.I don't think I can pick 15 but my favourites are All That Glitters, Naked Lunch, Kid, Omega, Nylon, Sable, Blackberry, Satin Taupe,and Cranberry.

  2. Anonymous

    Love your selection.BTW, where do you get that 15 palette tray?

  3. Hannah S

    So many eyeshaddows I have wanted for ages! They are just to expensive over here! 🙁 x

  4. Anonymous

    Have you ever checked out Grain?Definately in my top 10 from MAC. Probably in my top 5. A tad lighter and less shimmery than Era,so more subtle but still gorgeous.I am fair with dark hair and green eyes. I wear Grain all over the lid with Satin Taupe in the crease and Blanc Type on the browbone. I pair those shadows with Urban Decay Mushroom 24/7 liner on upper and lower lashline. I get asked all the time what I'm wearing on my eyes when I do that combo. Such a pretty and wearable daily look. I love Grain so much, I'm on my second one in a year.


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