St. Tropez Bronzing Mouse Self Tanner Review


To begin I thought I would tell you a little bit about my skin. I am very pale in the winter months (NC15) but tan fairly easily in the summer (NC25). Most of my teen years and early twenties I stayed very tan either from the sun or a tanning bed (NC30). Finally one day I woke up and realized how horrible this is for my skin and went to the other extreme. For the last three years I haven’t been in the sun without SPF50 and have remained around an NC15. This year I have decided to find a happy middle ground! I have been using an SPF50 on my face and SPF30 on the rest of my body and I’m around an NC20 right now. I apologize to all you ladies that aren’t familiar with MAC foundation colors…

I applied the Bronzing Mouse ($36) with the mitt that is sold separately ($6), which I highly recommend! I used two pumps per arm and three pumps per leg. You have to move pretty fast with this stuff to get an even application. It dries within a minute or so and you can immediately put your clothes on afterwards. It didn’t stain my clothing or sheets. It has a slight scent, but I don’t mind it… it’s not the typical self tanner smell. Each application darkens my skin about half a shade each time. If you want to maintain the color I recommend applying once a week.

When I originally purchased the product I was at my most fair and I wasn’t pleased with the result. I don’t think it will work well for those very fair skin — at least it didn’t on mine. The color was very strange and it didn’t look even. It is much easier to see application mistakes when you are that pale.

BUT once I got a little bit of a tan from laying poolside this baby worked like a charm! I’m not saying that everyone needs a tan before using self tanner… but I think that unless you naturally have a little bit of color to your skin, this self tanner will look odd.

My arm with some sun exposure, before St. Tropez. (I was slightly burnt so my skin looks splotchy)

Left: My arm after some sun exposure and one application of St Tropez; Right: My stomach with ZERO sun exposure or self tanner.

This is a bit frustrating because the purpose of self tanner is look like a bronzed goddess without the sun damage, but this product definitely didn’t work for me when I was alabaster white. I think the majority of women that have light and medium skin tones would love this though!

What is your favorite self tanner?

One thought on “St. Tropez Bronzing Mouse Self Tanner Review

  1. Gemma T

    I've never tried St Tropez, only Xen-Tan but the colouring on your arms looks so natural and gorgeous! You have such a gorgeous blog… look at all those amazing MAC shadows!!!! xx

    Gemma| ♥Miss Makeup Magpie

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