My MAC Eyeshadow Collection — Updated

This was requested by a reader last week, so here ya go! I have been waiting for the weather to perk up, but it looks like the clouds are here to stay for a while. If you are familiar with my blog you have probably read my complaints on how incredibly dark my new apartment is and without any natural light from the sun these pictures definitely leave something to be desired…

If you have any questions about any of the eyeshadows please leave a comment below!

I purchased one of the double sided duo palettes a couple months ago and I have the majority of my eyeshadows in there. I love that it holds 48 eyeshadows — that’s more than three palettes of eyeshadows in one! You have to be careful, as the eyeshadows aren’t as secure as they would be with a divider. Click HERE for that review.

A while back I realized I wasn’t using a lot of my favorite eyeshadows because of the way I had them organized. Rather than trying to make my palettes look pretty, now I try to make them as functional as possible.

Please click to enlarge!

(l-r) Embark, Swiss Chocolate, Brown Down, Espresso, Cork, Soba
Soft Brown, Kid, Malt, Wedge, Omega, Era
Vex, Jest, Naked Lunch, Ricepaper, Nylon, Dazzlelight
Shroom, Brule, Mylar, Vanilla, Blanc Type, Gesso

Woodwinked, Tempting, Mulch, Bronze, Brun, Handwritten
All That Glitters, Sable, Shale, Satin Taupe, Twinks, Sketch
Jaunty (LE), Patina, Sumptuous Olive, Greensmoke, Club, Humid
Copperplate, Knight Divine, Print, Smut, Contrast, Carbon


Beautiful Iris, Plum Dressing, Gorgeous Gold, Lucky Green 
Satellite Dreams, Star Violet, Expensive Pink, Shimmermoss
Nocturnelle, Cranberry, Coppering, Plumage

Samoa Silk, Texture
Amber Lights, Saddle

Bare My Soul Quad (LE)
Romatico, Bare My Soul
Friendly, When In Rio
So that’s it for my collection… I don’t think it will be growing much more. I have all the eyeshadows I want from the permanent collection and I don’t purchase LE shades unless they are spectacular in quality and unique — like the Bare My Soul Quad!
Hope that was helpful!


One thought on “My MAC Eyeshadow Collection — Updated

  1. lovely

    hi! disregard my comment on pro palette duo review. because i got a instant answer here! im so inlove with your blog! <3

  2. Anonymous

    Ohhh, I just found your post – this is soo awesome! I am a MAC beginner and love natural earthy tones and your detailed explanations are so amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time and writing it all down! And you're amazingly beautiful, too!!! 🙂


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