It’s no secret that MAC Brushes are a bit pricey, but they are definitely an investment! I’ve had a couple of them for about 10 years and they still look brand new. I am a sucker for their eye brushes because I think they are the best ones out there.


MAC 217 – Blending Brush

The most perfect, amazing, phenomenal creation ever made! Seriously. I could not live without this brush! It is perfect for blending, applying crease color, applying lid color, and it can even walk on water! This goat hair extraordinaire is worth EVERY penny. I love it so much I have a spare!

MAC 239 — Flat Shader Brush

This baby packs on lid color like no other and can also smudge out liner. Because it is made of densely packed goat hair the brush doesn’t eat up a lot of the shadow like most flat shaders do.

MAC 219 — Pencil Brush

I used to despise pencil brushes because they were too scratchy… until I got my beloved 219. I use this to smudge pencil liner and to apply shadow to the lower lash line.

MAC 224 — Blending Brush

It took a little while for me to love this brush, but now it is a dear, dear friend. I use it to apply my transition and to blend out any harsh lines. If you have smaller eyes this may not be the best choice for you, and I must admit that it does shed from time to time.

MAC 208 — Small Angled Brush

I love this little baby for its versatility and multi-functionality! It is perfect for eyebrows and applying shadow to the lash line. Some gals like to use it to apply gel liner. It is small, compact, and densely packed. Love this brush!

These are the Top 5 I could not live without! Do you own any MAC brushes? Which are your favorite?



I have included a list of all the eye brushes I own to help give a point of reference:

MAC 208
MAC 210
MAC 213
MAC 214
MAC 217
MAC 219
MAC 224
MAC 226
MAC 227
MAC 239
MAC 266
MAC 275

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