NEW MAC Pro Palette: Large Duo (Double Sided) Review

Without Dividers (48 eyeshadows)
(L-R) Gesso, Blanc Type, Vanilla, Mylar, Brule, Shroom
Dazzlelight, Nylon, Ricepaper, Naked Lunch, Jest, Vex
Malt, Kid, Wedge, Omega, Era, Soft Brown
Cork, Espresso, Brun, Brown Down, Handwritten, Embark

All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Tempting, Bronze, Mulch, Amber Lights
Sable, Satin Taupe, Twinks, Sketch, Cranberry, Nocturnelle
Jaunty (LE), Patina, Sumptuous Olive, Greensmoke, Club, Humid
Copperplate, Knight Divine, Print, Smut, Contrast, Carbon

With one divider (39 Eyeshadows)

The long awaited MAC LARGE DUO (Double Sided) PRO PALETTE has finally arrived at my home and I can hardly control my excitement long enough to write this review! I know this may look like a short novel, but what can I say? I’m thorough!

Oh dear Lord, where do I begin? Let me just say that I am in love! I think that it looks sleek, sophisticated and a definite upgrade from the old palettes. And while I do think the palette is a success overall, I also have a couple complaints…

The Palette is about 3.5 times thicker than the old MAC palettes and about a half inch smaller in height and width. It is made of high quality plastic and does not have a see through lid like the new Pro Palette Single. The plastic seems to be a lot sturdier than the old ones, in addition to a more professional appearance.

The palette does not have a snap closure, rather it is held together magnetically. This is one of my favorite features because the closures of old the palettes would wear out. The magnet holds it together snugly, but I do not find it overly difficult to open. The magnetic pull isn’t so strong that you pinch your fingers… Inglot palettes I’m looking at you! There is a clear plastic shield that can be moved to either side. I understand that it is a necessary component to protect the eyeshadows, but it isn’t easy to move back and forth — which is super annoying when you are trying to do a look!

You can choose to purchase dividers which will hold either 15 eyeshadows, 6 blushes, 12 lipsticks, or 24 cream products… Or you can leave the dividers out! Without the divider each side holds 24 eyeshadows for a total of 48 in the entire palette — or you can put one divider in like I did in the last two pictures for a total of 39 eyeshadows.  Also note that when you use the dividers it is difficult to get the eyeshadows out. They do not have the grooves that the old palettes have.

When I purchased the palette online I thought that at least one side would need a divider (the side being stored upside down), but to my surprise the metal plate inside the palette is quite strong — much stronger than the old palettes! I feel comfortable leaving the divider out of both sides because I don’t travel with my palettes. If you travel or you are a bit clumsy, you may want to invest in some dividers.

On with the pics! Please click to enlarge.

WITH NO DIVIDERS (48 Eyeshadows)

WITH ONE DIVIDER (39 Eyeshadows)

The price of the palette is $25 and each divider is $9… so to buy the palette and two dividers you’re looking at $43!! That’s a lot of money for a palette! That is why I am advocating divider free palettes. They are available online (click HERE) and at PRO stores. I’m not sure if they are going to be sold at regular free standing stores, but as soon as I know I will update the post.

Originally I was pretty pissed off that MAC switched the palettes because I am somewhat of an organization freak and like everything to match. I was also upset that they were more expensive! But after receiving the product and realizing you don’t need the dividers, I couldn’t be more thrilled! If you are like me and have A LOT of eyeshadows, this ends up being cheaper. Rather than having 15/26 eyeshadows in the old MAC palettes, I can have 48! I think it looks more professional, and I LOVE having all my neutrals in one palette!

After having the palette for three days, I have had two eyeshadows fall down onto the clear shield — nothing broke, but I am lowering my rating! The ones that fell were on the side with no dividers. Pretty big disappointment, but I am still going to leave the dividers out and just be more careful.

If you are new to MAC please note:
Neither the palette nor the dividers are magnetized, so the eyeshadows need to be… Inside the palette is a peice of metal and if you choose to depot your eyeshadows, you will need to glue a small magnet to the back of them. I like to purchase the eyeshadows in pro pan form from their website, because they come with the magnet already attached — much easier, and cheaper!

I give this palette an   B+!!

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One thought on “NEW MAC Pro Palette: Large Duo (Double Sided) Review

  1. Sophia Rouhani

    Very nice!!

  2. Miss J

    Do the eyeshadows move if you have no insert

  3. Robin

    Are the dividers easily removeable?I've ordered two dividers for travel . . .but while at home, would prefer to keep them without the dividers so I can easily check colors under the pans.

    If anyone has ideas for labeling, now that we don't have the inside lid for labels, I'd love to hear them.Maybe circle stickers back to back on the divider?

  4. Buckle OnBeauty

    I found that if you just push down on the top corners that it will pop the divider out similar to a see-saw. Only one time did I push down too hard and the colors dislodged themselves. Otherwise this is the best method for removing the divider pan for me.

  5. lovely

    hi! i like your neutral shades of eyeshadow. the picture without dividers. could you name them for me? pretty please! thank you!

  6. caragreco

    they just lowered the prices! the palettes are 8 dollars and the inserts are 2 dollars. crazy!

  7. floralandbows

    Can you make a video on how to take the eye shadows out? I can't seem to take mine out since I put magnets..

  8. Anna Cubana

    Thanks for this post! Subscribed as I'm starting to become a MAC fanatic so need to read up on your posts 🙂
    Was about to buy this palette case but went with the 4 shade one for now to start off with my little neutral/smokey quad (chose Vanilla, Espresso, Woodwinked, and Carbon).

  9. Flawlessly Freckled

    I just noticed today that these palettes are $8. Score. Maybe they are discontinued but either way I'm ordering as many as I can!!!

  10. Flawlessly Freckled

    I just noticed today that these palettes are $8. Score. Maybe they are discontinued but either way I'm ordering as many as I can!!!

  11. Canon Lyn

    I am having a devil of a time finding a palette that my Mac shadows really stick to. I'm traveling next month and just want something they feel secure in. I have about 60+ of their shadows. They just slide all over the place in a Z palette and others like the magnet just doesn't want to hold. I put one on the lid of a tin box I had and wow, what a difference. It really stuck. So, my question is, this pallete, is it a tin palette that the Mac shadows stick to well without an extra magnet? I just don't wanna cover up the names w/ a magnet and there's so many it would take forever to tape or glue on a label. Thanks!


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