I’m continuing my fair skin series with today’s post, which is the three best MAC blushes for pale or light skin. Now, some people find the word “pale” to be insulting… But I embrace how fair skinned I am and I use the term pale with pride!

The three I have listed all appear matte on the skin, which I think is important because they are the most versatile. You can always add shimmer later with a highlighter. If you would like to check out the eyeshadow installment of the series, click here.

You need three basic blushes in your collection: a neutral, a pink, and a peach. There are other color families that are great to have but, these are the necessary three! On to my blush choices… Click pictures to enlarge.
Cubic is the perfect go-to blush for ANY look. If I am in a rush and need to just grab something and throw it on, I always reach for this one. It is a satin finish, and while there are tiny amounts of sparkle in the pan, Cubic applies completely matte. You do have to build this blush up a little bit, and it is definitely the least pigmented of the three. But honestly girls, that’s one of the reasons I love it… It is great for beginners and it’s next to impossible to mess up when using this blush. Absolutely perfect, LOVE!
MAC DUPES: Cubic vs Tenderling? If you put the pans right next to each other they are a CLOSE match, although they apply to the skin a little differently. They are both neutral, but Cubic has more rosy undertones when applied. Do you need both? I would definitely say, NO.
Heellllloooooo gorgeous!!! I am absolutely obsessed with this blush, and I’m talking an extremely unhealthy obsession. Well, maybe not to that extent, but you know what I mean, right? This is the most beatiful baby peach blush I have ever seen. It is extremely pigmented and blends like a dream. A lot of peach blushes can look too orangey on light complexions, but not this beaut. It warms up the skin in the most perfect and subtle way — truly a “lit from within” look.
MAC DUPES: Melba vs Peaches? They are similar but Melba has a little more brown and pink in it, and is definitely more pigmented. If you already have Peaches by MAC you may want to skip this one. I don’t think they are different enough to justify owning both if you are just starting your collection. I definitely like Melba a lot more than Peaches, which is just too orange on a lot of fair ladies.
MAC describes Fleur Power as a “soft, bright pinkish coral” This is an AWESOME pink for all skin tones. I love Fleur Power for its versatility. Because this blush is so pigmented, you can use a light hand and get a very natural look, or a heavier hand and rock a statement cheek! If you want a more subtle pink I would suggest Well Dressed (click HERE).
What is your favorite blush? Leave a comment below!
NC15, NC20, NC25, NW15, NW20, NW25


  1. Grace Snow

    Just wanted to say I just found your blog and I really enjoyed reading all your posts! Keep up the good work!

  2. JK

    I'm so happy I found your blog! An honest blog at that. I'm a beginner with very pale skin, and you are helping me build my beginner MAC collection. Thank you!

  3. Lisa Rose

    I have fair skin and blue eyes, and have found your MAC eyeshadow and blush recommendations high on my list.I can't wait to purchase!

  4. Wesley Hilton

    Do you have Harmony? I really like that one to contour! 😀


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