MAC CLUB EYESHADOW — Review and Swatches

CLUB (Satin)


Hello my name is Sarah, and I am an eyeshadow addict.

It seems appropriate that I review Club because it was the first eyeshadow I purchased from MAC, and 10 years later it is still one of my favorites! MAC describes Club as red-brown with green pearl and I think that is a fair description. At first glance it appears to have a green base but after swatching you can see that it is a blue/green sheen over a reddish brown base. I used to wear this shadow in my early roaring twenties when going out, but now I like to use it during the day for a slight pop of color. If you are craving a smokey eye, look no further!

This is definitely an eyeshadow that needs a primer to help it really shine and show it’s full potential. I like to use Urban Decay Primer Potion, but there are plenty that will work just as well.

(top without primer, bottom with primer)
Club looks great paired with other greens, neutrals, and purples… My favorite way to wear it is on the lid with Patina in the crease and to transition, Vanilla to highlight. If you are looking around beauty blogs trying to decide if Club is for you, let me be the one to tell you — IT IS! I have fair skin, but it would look good on just about any skintone. It really makes green and brown eyes pop!
What’s your favorite way to wear Club?? And don’t forget to subscribe!

One thought on “MAC CLUB EYESHADOW — Review and Swatches

  1. Nickis Nick-Nackery

    Definitely the next eyeshadow on my beauty shopping list! Thanks for the great review, it was the last push I needed to make the purchase. Bring on pay day! =)

    Nicki x

  2. TaraTopia

    I bought this shadow on a whim because I was challenging myself to use some darker and more high-impact shadows rather than my usual neutrals and was scared that it would look way too dark/harsh on me (I'm pale with green eyes).
    After trying it out, I am so glad I bought it! I find that it is hard to build up a dark color with it so I've only been using it lightly. Maybe I should try with a wet brush??.. but as of now I have used it almost every day as a crease/outercorner color with ricepaper on the lid, haux in the crease, and vanilla to highlight.
    It's a really nice light reddish brown but when it catches the light, the green pigments really pop.

  3. Kaedi Love

    One of my all-time favorite eyeshadows. Glad to see it get some love!


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